Tuesday, July 30, 2013
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Okay. So, this blog has been abandoned for almost a year, maybe more. I'm so sorry, I got consumed by college life. Architecture. Yeah, you know how I have less sleep than you. So, here I'm telling you, something in my mind. Since this is my 200th post, I thought I'm going to tell you this. Watch out, it is probably going to be the longest post in my blog.

Last year was one of the best year of my life that I experienced two things, two best things in life you would never know how it felt.

I left Saint Ursula Senior High School with pride, Sanurians' pride. This was clearly one of the best decision I have made, to be there for six years. You might had already know that I was headed to another choice back then in 2006. And never even once I regret my decision. Not even that this is a all-girls-school.

Once in a while I remembered what my senior has written on her blog I forgot when. This school is more than a school, that behind those massive walls, under the green sills, and inside those fences, lived amazing people you will never imagine. The greatest teachers, the most cheerful friends, the most creative persons, more than anything you would want in your life.

I could even rewind my memories back to 18th of July 2006, I was sitting on the back seat of my blue Kia Carenz II, my mom was tying my hair, while this heart could not stop beating that fast. It was the first time I had my hair tied up. Then, we, my mom and I, argued about where to pinned the serviam pin, on the left or on the right; my mom said I should wear the pins on the right and the left. Wrong idea. It should be on the left and yes, it was really an unimportant debate, that described how I was so frightened, how I was so nervous.

I was wearing the green checkered white skirt. It was longer than anyone's skirt. I felt so... cupu. My mom told me to be careful, she was afraid that I would be bullied, that I would not have a friend. But it turned out that I could talk to some persons. I made friends with Eli, Adel, Dina, and else, let it be only in my mind but I thank you guys for having me in all our talks :)

It also turned out that the teachers are the most welcome teachers ever. I made friends with some teachers, not literally friends, but we can talk like friends. Pak Kris, Miss Vina, Bu Meike, Bu Mirna, Pak Iwan, Miss Krisna. Credits especially went well to Bu Meike and Miss Krisna who found my Z610i and hid it so I would cry in front of the teachers' room and  begged them to bring it back to me, showed them that I was really sorry that I left my handphone on the hall bench. Oh, and to Bu Ina, thank you for being so patient when you taught me maths, the class where I always got bad marks, and to Pak Bambang, for my first 9.25 score on physics mid-test :')

Before it went too long, while I think it is already too long, I will turn to my high school phase. I kind of already knew that I would pass the entrance test, though my maths test was awful, more than awful. So I was not surprised to see the announcement. Still the nervous, the fear, and the worry were there. High school was more than junior high school. More difficult, more challenging, more complex.

There were times when I lost my enthusiasm and there were also times when I got scared to go to toilets in the middle of the lessons just because I was so afraid of the teachers. I was a very silent person. That was weird since my last month before high school was started was filled with laughs and chats with my best friends like SW, MJ, Evelyn, Feby, Olen, and Sasa. It seemed like my laughs ammunition had gone. I was really scared to make friends again.

The very next day, I tried, really tried to make friends. It turned out that I made a lot of friends. More than I had before. I had this sudden change from this silent girl back to what I was before, even better. Picture this girl: never done any homework; always do other things at class such as reading novels, working on art homework, or simply doodling everywhere; came almost late every morning like 06.53 AM (bells ring at 06.55 AM); and else. Sound rebellious? I did not really care. It felt awesome! And these habits work until now. HAHA. I got more friends, Ovi, Rheta, Devina, Vina, Indah, Inggrid, Liza, Mimi, Edith, Fanie, Sinta, Ajeng, Jesslyn, Etel, Lindi, Debby, everyone! Oh, how I loved making friends that time.

I began to love everything in high school. My papers (some like 'skripsi') for last exam got almost A, it was about how golden section and Fibonacci sequences can be applied to trading and architecture. I believed that my papers are great, but unfortunately there was a formula I could not prove in the thesis trial. I cried outside the class. But that was it. I loved Bu Surti who gave me that score, for being a great tutor. She was my loved maths teacher. I did not know that she know my name or not, even though she taught me three years. Well, maybe she knew, but she did not call me often. I just want to say thank you for letting me love maths especially the 'dimensi tiga' lessons. You know... it is like sections and calculations about cubes and else. And to Pak Robert, the smartest teacher ever, for great scores in integral tak tentu and integral sincostan. You made me believe in myself that I can do it. And I can.

And also my other math teacher, Bu Purwanti, for kicking me out of class two times and threatened me to kick me forever if I did not finish my homework ever again. I love you :').

Anyway, I made myself clear that I loved art here. I was so stupid in art class in junior high, I liked Pak Anton, the teacher, but he never made me dig my interest in art.There was this woman, named Arimbi Dian Rhesi. She was my art teacher ini high school. I remembered my first homework, she asked us students to copy one of a motive in a patterned fabric. I chose mom's batik fabric. It was flower. I got 80. To a girl who usually got below 75, I WAS TERRIFIED, like, for real? That was the first time I had my confidence. It was like a moment when (if I could) I would shout to the world that I finally can work out in art.

So there I was, working the very best out of me in every art homework. I love gambar mistar, gagas kreatif, topeng Antasena, and... perspektif-proyeksi. Yes, perspektif, the one I had been avoid in junior high. Yes, from below 65 to straight 100. Perspektif got my nerves, I was so excited! People found it difficult using drawing pens straightly without pencils and erasers whereas I found it challenging.

Chemistry is another story. Pak Agust with a heart like an angel, Bu Tanti (sorry for disappointing you, got 50 twice on tests), and Bu Venty. I remembered answering a test mostly false but I got 93, I did not know what were Pak Agus thinking, but it was such a relief. For your faith in me that I can do chemistry well, Bu Tanti, I was really happy yet so frustrated finding myself denying your trust in some tests. And Bu Venty, thank you for your teaching method, 20-minutes-test (what the hell), hell yeah I would never know I still got 97; your type of test is the type where students would think that they fail but they did not. I love you.

Biology? Do not even bother. I got myself bad scores from Bu Ersi, Bu Lucia, and Bu Patty. I did be enemies with Bu Lucia HAHAHA. Whatever. What happened between us are history. I still love these teacher though. They taught me things I did not get outside school :)

It was such an honor to be taught by you, Bu Surti, Pak Robert, Bu Purwanti, Pak Agust, Bu Tanti, Bu Venty, Bu Ersi, Bu Lucia, Bu Patty, and Bu Arimbi. You might not be satisfied if you saw my scores for calculus and algebra, how I forgot all chemistry and biology things, and how I hate perspective nowadays in college. But I would never find myself not thanking you for once in my life. Meeting great people like you is an opportunity I will never regret. I love you to the moon and back.

Like other tale, this 6-years-togetherness has an end. It was on 26th of May, I was announced get through the last exam and on the 9th of June, I had my graduation night. It was beautiful. I hugged many friends, I took photos with them. They left memories, so many memories that I could just wished I had left the same amounts in their heart.

Saint Ursula, lessons taught, wars fought, apologies made, I am now gone for good. Life is still in progress. The world is still spinning, don't know if I am spinning in the same direction, but I will never can rewind the time. You stay there, be what you were because you are already one god-damn-great school! The greatest, if I may say.

I said there were two best things. This is it. I finally got myself a yellow jacket. You know what it means? I got new families! One is Department of Architecture, University of Indonesia, batch 2012, and one more is  KAPA FTUI. Let me begin with #ArsUI2012.

#ArsUI2012 is full of lovable persons. I can not help myself to love them. They are really colorful, if you know what I mean. At first, I got this inferior feeling. People seemed to be keen on drawing and sketching while I was still busy doodling. How was I supposed to react? Well, I was thankful that at least I really did not have any visual art background from professional courses like Villa Merah or such, so I did not have anything to be showed off. That way, I had a reason to remain silent and watch them showing off. That way, too, they would not have any expectation of what I can do exactly.

Anyhow, I managed to hang out and just went with the flow. I might have some difficulties here and there but along with the problems, came best friends. Had craziest sleepovers with Monica, Deassy, Laura, and Bella, sometimes with Mela. Also had first greatest backpacking trip with Raihan, Bangkit, Nada, Cia, Adit, Pratik, and Kevin. And the rests are perfect complements. Been laughing and crying, sleeping and not sleeping, doing nothing (you Ars know what that means ahaha), and else. You guys are so random and so am I.

KAPA FTUI is a club of 'Pencinta Alam'. In Herman Lantang's blog 'Pencinta Alam' is defined as "an Indonesian terminology that cannot be translated literally into English. 'Pencinta Alam', are those who enjoy, observe, love, respect, and appreciate the splendor of the Great Outdoors - 'The Nature', as The Almighty’s Amazing Creation, that should be preserved and protected."

I have been longing for joining this kind of club since I was in elementary school. I thought it was something cool. Though, nowadays I always connect everything I want to join with my face. This sentence feels so wrong, but I do not have any more idea of how to write it rightly. Hope you understand. So, anyway, I dared myself to join this club, even I had to do it without my parents' agreement. I did not really have any specific goal by joining KAPA but it turns out I love being in KAPA. One of my seniors, Faris, once told me that sometimes, people who do things just for fun instead are the last persons standing. It is so true.

KAPA really shows me things I do not know before, not only the natures, cave explorations (since I joined the caving division), or environmental-based technology. Mostly, I learn about organizations. How to speak, do meetings, and be more responsible. Until now, I see KAPA as the rightest organization among all organizations in Faculty of Engineering. So, yes, never even once regret my decision. I even finally have chances to escalate my ability in nature photography. There is only one disadvantage, KAPA's activities cost me hours a day that I could be really overwhelmed sometimes. But KAPA worth the fights.

There, you know I now have families here and there. They said a home is not where your real family lives; it is where your heart belongs. To me, a home is a scene where all memories kept there rouse mild feelings in my heart, like I miss them, like I belong there; and the best part is, I am free to go faraway, as far as I want, and when I return home, I know that is where I belong.

"Summit is only a bonus. Coming home is the real success." --Raihan Imam Cahya Akbar,
a very-best-friend-slash-dad of mine.

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Friday, July 20, 2012
FEMOSS @ 11:03 AM

Febyane Budimuljono, teman tinggiku! Teman yang sekarang udah di Aussie :( how are yooouuu? Gue kayak udah jarang gitu denger kabar tentang lo hiks :' kangen :)) Jadi inget waktu SMP lo sama Alice ngefans sama coach di skyrink HAHAHAHA Trus gue sering nebeng lo sampe Hero Tomang trus naik busway/taksi. Trus lo sama MJ menjuluki gue ataksia, anak taksi ceria hahahaha. Anyway, goodluck, mungkin kita ga sedeket itu waktu SMA but i lop yu pul :*

Evelyn Faustina! AAAAA kangen kantin nyokap lo. Kangen ngobrol ngalor ngidul sama lo. Kangen masa-masa mau kelas 11 dan kita ngomongin tentang jurusan mana yang mau kita masukin :'))) Goodluck di UMN. Masa gue pikir lo ke Jerman Vlyn, muka lo Jerman banget hiks hehehee. Have a great college years :DD Don't forget meeh :3

Maria Etheldreda Jessica Hertania. hahaha inget nama lo gue jadi inget lo punya email banyak banget, trus mau bikin satu lagi yang mejh@live.com tapi gajadi takut kayak 'meja idup' hahahahaha. I miss you so muuucchh, berenang bareng di Puri, ngomongin kamera, beli film mulu hahahahah. Lo tuh kayak orang yang punya banyak kesamaan sama gue #menurutgualoh HAHA. Ke Brightspot sama Trademark bareng trus ternyata lagi nyari barang yang sama juga hahahha :'). There are so many thiiiingsss I remember about you that I can't mention one by one. POKOKNYAA MJ BAIK BANGEETT :'')) Goodluck woi di ITB :)) stay emo stay cute semoga makin oks juga poto-potonyahh :33 Sayang emjeeehh. <3 p="">

Florencia Sjaaf. Dulu benci, sekarang temen :) But still, I'm the most evil person buat lo HAHAHAHAHAA! Belom kesampean ngasi selusin boxy ke lo gara-gara ilangin penghapus mulu. HAHA. Losing my words nih, Len. Hmm... One of my TK Unyu friends hehe. Pak Bulen HAHAHAHAHHA ngakak tiba-tiba :') Kangen ngobrol sama lo Len. Orang paling kuat rohaninya yang gua tau hahaha plus juga orang yang paling gua suka buat ngomongin banyak hal. You know many things I don't know dan gatau lo sadar apa nggak, gue merindukan ngobrol hal-hal penting di mobil gue pas lo nebeng. Entah kenapa gue merasa sangat pintar HAHAHAH. Apa kitanya aja sok pinter, Len? AHAHAHA. Tons of lucks di Atma. Semoga lo makin bisa nyambi seperti gua ini, atau ya semoga lo semakin bersinar dan jadi anak baik-baik di kelas hahahahaha.

Natasha Kurniawati HEEEEYY NGANGENIN BAND heheheh. Lo Feby sama Evelyn yak hahaha. Gue waktu nontonin videonya ngakak parah sampe nangis tapi sekarang videonya ilang :'(( Partner Belanda gue, suka gosip bareng cerita hantu bareng, Sasa kocak bangettt suka random parah gituuuu :33 Oh, trus fotogenik cantik gitu hehe kalo kata Rheta, Sasa gak pernah terlihat jelek hahahaha. Kangen sekelas Belanda sama lo, Sa, ngerjain midtest sama ulangan umum selalu bareng. Kelas yang terlalu seru walaupun kita isinya cuma berlima hahaha :'))) Goodluck di ITB yah Sa :) Selamat seru-seruan sama MJ :33 Jangan lupakan akuuu <3 p="">

Stella Walla. Lo literally satu-satunya teman pertama gue yang masih bertahan sampai sekarang. Temen pertama banyak, tapi yang bertahan sampai saat ini, cuma lo hahaha. Sama Monic sih, :'). Dari waktu muka kita dibilang mirip sampe udah nggak ada miripnya sama sekali. Dari gue bego banget perspektifnya sampe gue udah jago #eh hahahaha. Dari belom punya pangkat MB, sampe pangkatnya bintang 3. Dari ngekru GPMB 2007, sampe GPMB 2009 dan 2011 bareng. Sekelas cuma setahun. Berantem berkali-kali pas SMP. Pas SMA sempet ngejauh. You are still one of the smartest person I have ever known. BERKELEY WOY! :'DD Can't be more happier :'D. Kata lo, lo udah ga kreatif, udah ga sepinter dulu. Kata gue, lo selalu yang terbaik :)). Sahabat yang baik, ngerti gue banget. Mungkin gue yang jarang ngerti lo hahaha. Anyway randomly gue inget dulu di kantek lupa pas kelas berapa yang jelas SMA lo pernah bilang ini, "Nyanya hebat. Kecil tapi bisa MB sampe selesai 6 tahun." Fix gua kaget banget itu HAHAHA. Karena bagi gua, lo jauh lebih hebat. Much bigger than you know. Good luck di Berkeley. Mungkin lo ga butuh luck sih, hehe kepintaran lo akan mendatangkan banyak hal HAHAHAHAHAHAH. <3 i="" p="" see="" when="" you="">

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Thursday, June 7, 2012
FAMS @ 12:05 PM

AAAA, my super TK Unyu friends!

Stephanie Benita! Faniiieeee :333 anak OR paling lenje sedunia, padahal kalo lagi main voli servisnya selalu servis atas trus diukur dulu sudut elevasinya hahahahaha. Anak yang jarinya buntet sepertinya karena ngedrum tapi kalo smash voli kenceng hahaha. Anak yang sok-sokan beli kamera analog dan film-film kamera yang aneh2 padahal gatau buat apa hahhahhahhahahaha. Anak yang demen ngomong ble'e, stupe, pororo!, dan niruin papoy. Anak yang super talented, bisa menyanyi berakting ngedrum ngebiola ngevoli memasak menghandicraft dan semuanya. Hahahah. Fanie gue bakal kangen lu, deh :') abis lu baik mau membantu gue baca novel atau doodling di kelas :')) Ailopyupulivendoyudonlopmidetpul hahahaha. Oh iya, lu juga menyimpan rahasia gue yang terbesar HAHAHAHAHAHAH #sampahnihgue. AAA gue bakal kangen sesi gosip suspicious bersama Tara dan Dita waktu kelas11, bakal kangen semua kebodohan kita bersama :') Sukses di UNSW :)) Jangan mau kalah sama Flooooooo! Hihi :*

Inosensia Diajeng Kusumo, the cogan hunter! Gila kita penggemar Arabs, mulai dari Ali Syakieb sampe Fauzi Baadilla. Dari Junot sampe Dimaz Andrean. Dari Tora Sudiro sampe Darius. Dari Iko Uwais sampe Rio Dewanto. OH! DONNY ALAMSYAH <3 OKA ANTARA <3. HAHA sesama penggemar yang bukan Cina yah kita hahahahahahahaha. Anw, di balik sifat kecoganhunteran dia, Ajeng sangat rajiiinnnn dan optimis. Pilihan SNMPTN-nya aja cuma UI tok. hahahha. DAN DAPET! :) Dengan semangat Iko dan pencak silat HAHAHA ntar kuliah kalo ketemu cogan lu mesti bilang-bilang gue loh yah hahahaha kita harus berbagi cogan jeng hahahaha bikin list cogan baru lagi hahahahaa. Kita harus sebarkan virus anak gaul di UI Jeng! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA <3 yoouu :*

Kalo Melina Gazali ini adalah jagonya shopping. Tau banget baju apa yang bagus dan baju apa yang not worth it. Suka sama TOPnya bigbang! Yang berambut biru itu hahahaha. Melina juga suka ngedance2 gitu, pokoknya anaknya super cheerful! Oh! Dan she can stand alone. Beneran deh. Ini yang paling bikin gua salut sama Melinyu hehe. Kalo jalan sama dia, mau pulang jam berapa juga dia oke. Kalo kita duluan yang pulang, she can have fun with herself jadi kitanya nggak berasa nggak enak juga ninggalin dia. Itu sesuatu yang tidak bisa gua lakukan hahahaha. Anw, lo goodluck ya, Mel, jadi dokter yang bener :)) Cepet punya pacar yang mirip T.O.P hehehehe :p Will miss yoouuu!

Sinta Gratsia! Teman unyu yang sangat ihwew hahahahah. Dapet SNMPTN Undangan ke STEI ITB!! :3 Trus kenalan sama M**f*** HAHAHAHHAAHA dan menemukan mentarinya sendiri seperti Fallon HAHAHAHA. Anyway, Sinta itu anaknya baik sekali mau menolong dan dewasa hahaha. Tapi belakangan jadi suka ceng-cengin guaaaaaaa :'( AYOK PLANNING LIBURAN LAGI YANG JAUHHHHHHHH I need more sweet escapes! Hehe. Semoga lo jadi anak gaul ya di ITB hehehe kejarlah mentari sampai kau dapat! Mentari nggak akan kemana kok hahahaha. Jangan sampai trip kita berikutnya ada sesi galaunya lagi! HAHAHAHAHAHHA <3<3<3<3<3 Maaciii Sinyuuuuu :*

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012
REI @ 9:48 PM

Okay, ini teman-teman kelas 12 gueeeh :*

Rheta Audilla. Hmm... pertama kenal dari blogging hehehehe "hello, blogwalking dll dsb." Lalu accidentally kita berdua masuk SMA yang sama, dan kelas yang sama uyeaaa. Gue lupa nih tapi, gimana caranya bisa deket sama Rheta hahaha. Pokoknya it just happened hehehe. Trus kita kepisah di kelas 11, tapi entah gimana, ulang taun Rheta ke-16 gue ditraktir, trus gue ultah juga nraktir dia. Trus dulu waktu kelas 10 kita pernah ngebolang di Monas sama Nia, Carolin, sama Jesslyn hahaha. Akhirnya  kelas 12 kita sekelas lagi! Trus, kita jadi makin deket gara-gara standup comedy dan beberapa curcolan galau AHHAHAAH turns out that Rheta adalah anak yang super tolol, gue gatau bahasa halusnya apa ahahahahahahah kocak-kocak dodol gitu ahhahahaah. Tapi... sebenernya Rheta juga gampang banget down orangnya. AYO Rhetaaaa! Jangan sedih-sedih hehehe SEMANGAT BROOO MENGEJAR PENDIDIKAN DAN CINTA HAHAHA JANGAN LUPAKAN GUAAA :3

Edith Eka Putri, cintanya Papi Robi hahahaha. Abis dia suka caper sama papi robi hahahaha. Edith itu kreatiiifff suka doodling gitu hehe. Dia juga bawel bangeeeet dan agak suka mengatur heheheh. Tapi, di luar semua itu, Edith baiiikk banget dan sangat rajin. Dia suka menyemangati gue dan memuji gue kalo liat gue lagi doodling juga ahahahaa SEMANGAT EDITH MASUK FK ATAU FKGNYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA gua bakal kangen sama mulut tweety lu, Dith :')) semoga lu dan kembaran lu Edlyn makin kompaaak hehee. Goodluck menggapai cinta papi, Dith. I know, you know he has a feeling for you HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Aduh, sampah banget gue hahahahaha. Oiaaaaa, walaupun lu nggak masuk jurusan yang berseni tapi semoga lu tetap kreatifff yaaa karena lu sangat berbakat!! :D

INDAHO LESTARIHOOO hahahaa. Halo Indah si anak rajin dan pintar tapi tukang ngemil hehe. Indah tuh ngakunya ga punya minat ya, tapi intinya dia punya bakat akademik yang uber gitu deh hehehe. Indah tuh orang paling optimis sekaligus pesimis sedunia. Dia ga pernah let her people down gitu. Hehe. Jadi misalnya gue bilang gue takut, Indah bakal bilang dia yakin gue bisa lalalaa dan semacamnya. Oh dia juga orang pintar yang jarang nggak chill dan ga masalah untuk nanya ke orang yang tidak lebih pintar dari dia hahahha. Anyway, semoga lu dapet di FKUI, entah inter atau reguler, karena lu berhak dapet di UI, Ndaaaaahh :3 Lu pintaaaaaarrrrr! :*

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Monday, June 4, 2012
KKK @ 9:17 PM

Katarina Yuliana atau Kater hehe. Dia salah satu anak paling jail yang gue temui di Sanur. Suka ngegodain gitu, tapi anaknya ramah trus lucu dan seru gitu jadi gampang deket gitu deh sama dia. Dulu ketemu pertama kali di ekskul pergamano pagi. Awalnya gue rada nggak suka abisnya berisik banget hehehe ._. tapi akhirnya jadi ikutan ketawa juga. Kater itu cinta banget sama Korea hehe, Taecyeon? Eh, siapa ya? Ah, lupa, gue gak pernah inget nama Korea dengan benar. Sori, Ter. Hehe. Kater suka banget meluk gua, alesannya tinggi gue pas *kalo nggak bisa dibilang pendek* dengan tangannya hahaha jadi bisa buat disenderin. Oya, dia juga rebet banget ngomongin jendela mobil gue yang tanpa kaca film -_- padahal gue udah bilang mobil gue tuh berkaca film. Dianya aja gak percaya. Nah, setau gue, Kater udah keterima di Unpar, walaupun gue lupa jurusannya. Setau gue juga, dia pernah pengen masuk kedokteran hewan hehe. Nggak tau deh sekarang jadinya apa, tapi semoga sukses di mana pun lo, Ter, hehehe. <3

Yachinta Kathya Arthanie, si imut-imut! IIIHH minta dicubitttcchhh imut banget sih Kathyaaaa uuu >.<. Gue suka becandaan sama Kathya, main tebak lesung pipi. Jadi, dia senyum, trus berenti senyum trus kita tebak lesung pipinya di mana. HAHAHA. Mainan bodoh. Tapi oenjoeeee hihi. Kathya juga sering nebeng gueee sekalian gue ngelewatin kondominium TA hehe. Kita kenalannya dulu gara-gara dia lagi sekelas sama MJ trus jalan-jalan ketemu gue, yaudah kenalan deh kita hehe, trus makin deket karena kita sama-sama MB. Oya, kecil-kecil gini Kathya udah pernah pacaraaaan. Dulu waktu masih sekolah, kalo pagi-pagi gue dateng, Kathya pasti lagi telponan ama cowonya hahahaha. Goodluck Kat! Gue masih gatau lo akan sekolah di mana abis lulus SMA, tapi gue berharap yang terbaik buat loooo hehe :)).

Hello Catharina Krisanti a.k.a. Krisan! Sori, nih, fotonya ngesok funky hahahaha. Kita kenalan pertama kali gara-gara gue daftar Antiokhia MBK lewat dia, trus Mimi mengenalkan gue ke diaa hehe. Trus, gara-gara satu seksi memoar dokumentasi di weekend ke 23, kita jadi lumayan dekat dan suka berbagi gosip seputar Antiokhia, terutama........ peep dan peeeeeep dan eheem hahahaha. CIYEEEEEE. Si kriting banyak yang sukaaa uouououo. Krisan tuh mukanya kayak anak kecil gitu awet muda hahaha. Gitu-gitu dia kreatif dan nyeni! Buktinya, Krisan bisa masuk DKV NAFA (Y). Dia beberapa kali nebeng gue, trus pernah nginep juga di rumah gue, dan foto-foto aneh buat cover DVD hahahaha. Goodluck, lu, San, di Nafa! Lo pasti bisa! Ga bakalan jadi yang paling blakang! Lo kan kreatiipp kesayangannya Raffy HAHAHAHAHHAHAA :p Jangan lupakan gueee hihihi dan jangan lupa juga update gue! Hihi :p

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NIM - Unphotographed @ 8:55 PM

Now, post ini untuk teman-teman yang tidak gue temukan foto berdua gue di facebook hehe.

Nia, Eugenia Septhariani, di foto ini dia di tengah, adalah temen kelas 10 gue. Dia sempet dapet ranking 10 besar paralel. Salut banget sama Nia, soalnya walaupun nilainya agak turun di semester dua dulu, dia tetep semangat, masuk IPA, dan tetep rajin! Dia juga sering ngeblog hehe pernah ikut lomba blog Canada dan suka ngegalau juga di blog hahaha. Oya, Nia juga suka hal berbau Jepang, suka pergamano, dan dia bikin online shop sendiri sekarang! uoooo hihi. Tadinya Nia mau masuk ITB tapi akhirnya dia berhasil menentukan pilihannya ke akuntansi Atmajaya uououo. Semoga gue juga bisa menentukan pilihan nanti, ya hahaha. Goodluck Nia!

Rachel Indira Kesumah, Indira, itu temen kelas 12 guee di Bimasena hehe. Mulai deket gara-gara duduk sebelahan trus dia sering bawa snack Indomaret seperti pang-pang dan snack-snack lain. Akhirnya gue jadi sering nitip, deh. Lama-lama, dia jadi teman Princess guaa! HAHA. Maksudnya, sering nyanyi lagu Princess gitu deh :3 Abis itu girlband bikinan Kevin Aprilio yang ganteng dan lagunya pas untuk Indira yang suka galau dan upe-upean ga jelas hahahaha. Jadilah kita hafal lagunya Princess yang "Jangan Pergi" hahaha. Tapi, di luar semua itu, Indira menyimpan obsesi terbesar menjadi anggota Cherrybelle! HAHAHA. Oya, dia juga orangnya heboh heboh rusuh gitu hehe tapi jadinya malah kocak. Dia anak terbully yang suka dibully sama gue, Sinta, Fanie, Ajeng, dkk. Oh, iya, gue sering nitip bubur dan batagor SanMar uyeeeeeee. Dia sampe hafal pesenan gue HAHAHA. Maaci loh hahahaha. Jangan lupakan gue kalo udah di Jerman, Dir! Bawain gue bule satu yah! Hihi. Dirikan girlbandmu di Jerman hehehhe ._.v

Marcella Poernadi (on the left)! Temen sekelas gue di kelas 7 dan sekelas tiga taun di Sanur hehehe. Tapi mulai deketnya waktu BTA di kelas B, setelah berbagi gosip terhot minggu ini HAHAHA. Marcella tuh orangnya rajin banget. Gue pikir dia mau masuk teknik-teknikan, ternyata dia maunya malah IPS loh. Ekonomi kalo gak salah. Gokil, ya. Haha. Marcella juga orangnya berisik dan suka tertawa lebay gitu, deh. Kadang-kadang annoying sih, tapi anaknya baik banget jadi tidak masalah haha, kan semua punya kekurangan kelebihan hehehe. Plus, kalo gue ada kesulitan di pelajaran, Marcella mau bantu hehe. Gue berharap lo dapet univ yang lo mau, Mar, sukses di pilihan looo hehe :))

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Friday, June 1, 2012
JAJ @ 11:17 PM

These are my friends from XI IPA 3 SPAGETI! Nggak, deh, semuanya gue udah kenal dari sebelum kelas 11, tapi baru paling dekat waktu kelas 11. Jesslyn, Adel, dan Jessur.

Jesslyn Natashya atau JN adalah temen gue yang sekelas tiga tahuuuunnnnn dengan nomer absen yang selalu berurutan :'(, ulang tahun yang sama, dan tinggi yang berbanding terbalik. HAHAHA. Jesslyn itu orangnya mau cepet beres, teratur, rapi, dan rajin. Dia juga suka makeup, bisa dilihat dari alat makeupnya yang cukup banyak. Oia, Jesslyn juga yang nemenin gue di kelas ekstrakurikuler kecantikan Oriflame, kalo dia ga masuk gue juga ga masuk hehehe. JN juga jarang takut sama orang, gue inget banget dia pernah duduk paling depan dan dimarahin sama Bu Surti tapi mukanya tetep chill hehe. Trus, dia juga gak segan ngomong kalo ada masalah, tapi ga cablak ampe gimana cuma ya to the point aja hehe. Hmm... Jesslyn juga gak suka sama orang yang gak tepat waktu. Contohnya, waktu lagi pelatihan modelling, makeup, dan table manner, kita pesen KFC, dan orangnya gak anter-anter. Dia nelpon KFC sampe marah-marah parah banget, sampe gue sama ajeng mau ngeliatin tapi ga enak hahahaa. Anyway, JN bakal ngelanjutin ke FK Atmajaya dan gue yakin dia akan sukses karena dia rajin sekali hehe. Longlast juga sama Felix your bf :)) Jadi sedih, soalnya gue nggak yakin akan menemukan teman yang bisa sekelas, berurutan, dan sama tanggal lahirnya sama gue lagi selama kuliah :'( tapi wish you all the best for the future! :*

Adeline Octavia! Teman pertamaku dari SMP :'))). Tapi pernah gue tinggal dulu, pokoknya jadi tiba-tiba jauh gitu :'((. Sekarang kita deket lagi tapi, ya, Del :)). Adel itu baik banget, ramah, dan pintar. Tapi, walaupun pintar, dia nggak meremehkan gue :'') hheheh, jadi blushing hahaha. Dia adalah salah satu orang yang percaya banget kalo gue jago gambar, while i'm not really keen on drawing. Bisa tapi ga jago haha. Hmm, Adel itu juga pendengar yang baik hihi walaupun kadang-kadang suka bawel juga. Imbang lah hehehe. Oia, ciri khas Adel adalah ketawanya yang super lebar dan menghibur hehehe serta adel juga punya kotak pensil bentuk semangka sejak kelas 7 yang gak pernah ganti hehe. Cie yang anak Parahyangan wuuuhuuuu arsitek pula hehehe goodluck yah Adel, semoga sukses jadi arsitek bersama Susan dan Lourent, and hopefully, including me :')).

Holaa Jessica Suryaniputri! Saking banyaknya yang namanya Jessica, Jessica yang satu ini harus dipanggil Jessur hahahaha. Temen gue ini rambutnya teramat sangat indah, halus, dan hitam tidak seperti gue yang walaupun licin tetep aja kering dan coklatmerah hehehe #bulegueceritanya. Anyway, dia juga pintar gitu, deh, dan anak fashion design hehe jadi jago gambar. Oia, Jessur juga jadi guardian angel gue waktu kelas 11 :)) ngasih gue coklat dan kata-kata penyemangat hehe. Dia melakukan tugas GA dengan baik secara gue nggak tau bahwa itu dia sampe akhirnya permainan ini selesai hahaha. Waktu live in kelas 11 juga Jessur sama Yudith jadi tetangga yang rumahnya paling deket sama gue dan Priscila hehe, jadi mereka sering main ke rumah gue dan ikutan main sama Esti, adik di rumah guee, dan membuat live in igtu jadi lebih seru. Trus pulang live in pas tanggal 27 Mei, dan gue, Bella, Sinta, Fanie, Yudith, dan Sharlene membuat surprise buat Jessur yang saat itu ultah ke-17!! Selamat melanjutkan ke Belanda Jes! Semoga ketemu bule ganteng yang available dan bisa dikenalkan ke gue, kalau dia nggak terpesona dengan rambut indah lu hehehe <3.

P.S. Mereka dulu waktu Spageti adalah trio tak terpisahkan loh! Hehe <3

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